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Try a system with cold air intake

Cold Air Intake

We all know that most performance modifications for cars, trucks and sport utility vehicles have to do with adding speed. One of the best ways to add speed to a vehicle is to increase engine power, and one of the best ways to increase power to an internal combustion system is to add a filter injection performance kit, complete with cold air intake tubing. Performance-Curve.com offers products for domestic brands such as GM, Ford and Dodge from K&N filters, the leading name in systems with cold air intake tubes. These models, like the GM Duramax, Ford Powerstroke and Dodge Cummins make it easy to increase engine power and efficiency, giving rides more speed on the road, on the track, or in off road situations when power really is important to keep a vehicle moving. Where once these tubes were made of plastic, K&N offers metal tubes for more durability, style, and of course increased performance. Check these items out at Performance-Curve.com.

Mufflers and mandrel bent exhaust tubing

A car's emissions system has many important parts, but when upgrading for maximum performance, car customizers often look to stainless steel mandrel bent exhaust tubing and custom mufflers to make sure everything will run smoothly, efficiently, and powerfully. Performance-Curve.com offers a number of systems with great mufflers and mandrel bent exhaust tubing, stainless steel offering both durability and style to these items. These are not the only items we offer for emissions systems, but they are among the most popular and the most reliable, coming from marquee brands like Hooker, Magnaflow, Flowmaster, K&N Filters, Goerlich, and Flowtech. Browse Performance-Curve.com and see what we have to offer.


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