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Go soft with a Flow Master muffler

Flow Master MufflerIf looking for a product to keep a street rod, sports truck or any other vehicle performing highly without making a big booming racket, look no further than the latest Flow Master muffler technology. These small, stylish mufflers for most makes and models are easy to install, do not take up much space, and handle up to four hundred horsepower without any problem, while remaining quieter than almost any other on the market. Performance-Curve.com offers their Hushpower model for most domestic and import models.

Shop for Flowtech headers

Flowtech HeadersIn order to keep a street rod or truck street legal after modifying it for racing, one of the best brands on the market offers its Race Readies line, one of the most convenient and easy to use car and truck performance parts available today. Flowtech headers keep vehicles pollution controlled while on the road but are easily switched to race mode for hitting the drag strip. Performance-Curve.com offers several varieties which come with installation instructions and guidelines for when and where to use the product.

Car performance parts for many makes and models

Customizing cars has always been a great American hobby and vocation. Ever since automobiles made their way onto the market, owners have tweaked and modified them to add their own personal touch and to add style, speed, power, and function. Performance-Curve.com is proud to continue in that long tradition, providing car performance parts for many makes and models from the eighties until now. Whether looking for an SPC camber kit for a lowered auto, or for Flowtech headers or a Flow Master muffler for a tricked out exhaust system, Performance-Curve.com has everything for the current after market auto modifier and customizer. Here are a few of the brands we offer at our site.

  • Bosh
  • Eastern
  • Holley
  • Moog
  • NOS
  • SPC
  • Ultrafit

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